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Bediening bruggen en sluizen

Operation of bridges and locks

Plan to go boating in the Province of Flevoland? Please be aware that there are no on-site bridge or lock operators to assist you.

The province’s fifteen locks and movable bridges are remote controlled from the provincial government building. If you want to use the bridges, you must report to the province in advance. Call our control centre no later than one hour in advance, on 0320 – 767 610. Or press the report button at the bridge or lock. Using the digital navigation map, you can check out the operating times and other information per bridge or lock.

Operating times
1 April – 31 October

  • Monday through Friday from 06.00 to 22.00
  • Saturdays from 07.00 to 22.00
  • Sundays and holidays from 09.00 to 22.00

1 November – 31 March

  • Monday through Friday from 06.00 to 22.00
  • Saturdays from 07.00 to 12.00
  • No service on Sundays and holidays
  • Closed on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

On 24 and 31 December, all objects are operated on workdays until 18.00. If any of these days fall on a Saturday, operation will cease after 12.00. If any of these days fall on a Sunday, then there will be no service.

Last lockage
The last lockage begins no more than 15 minutes before the end of operation. Please note that this process takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. On busy days, waiting times can also be longer due to increased activity at other bridges and locks. As a result, you might not be included in the last lockage. Registration does not guarantee you will able to pass through, so please ensure that you arrive at the lock or bridge well in advance.

For current stoppages, please see our reports or NOS teletext, page 721.


  • The Arie de Wit Bridge and the Urker Lock are not operated between 12.45 and 13.15 and between 13.45 and 14.15 on working days.
  • For the Elburger Bridge, Vollenhover Bridge and the Noordersluis Bridge, the following applies for operation during rush hour: on working days between 16.00 and 18.00, commercial shipping is only allowed through at 16.30 and again at 17.30. Recreational vessels are also welcome at these times.
  • Limited operation applies for the Elburger Bridge for shipping, for example during events such as Lowlands. Temporary instructions for bridge masters apply; to operate the bridge so road traffic can keep moving during these events.
  • The bridge at Marknesser Lock is closed to shipping on working days between 11.45 and 12.15, and between 12.45 and 13.15, with the exception of school holidays.
    Nageler Bridge, Kamper Bridge, De Overstap and Marknesser Bridge/Kadoeler Bridge in Emmeloord are remotely operated from the bridge master’s house on Nageler Bridge. These bridges have other operating times. More information: Noordoostpolder municipality website.

Rules and regulations regarding locking

  • Vessels should wait between the stop lines prior to commencement of the locking process. If your vessel does not fit between the stop lines, then it is too big and unsuitable for locking. Stay within the markings. Otherwise you may be at risk of getting stuck in the lock door or the against the lock wall. There may also be a threshold under water that could damage your rudder or propellor during the lowering of the water.
  • Before entering an outer lock, please attach a fender to your vessel. Flevoland’s only outer lock is currently the Urker Lock.

Read more about measurements and other information about our bridges and locks here. An overview of all provincial bridges and locks can be found on the map in Google Maps.